20x40 Pole Tent Package- For 64 People


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Product Information:

Package Includes-
1- 20'x40' Pole Tent- Sidewalls not included
64- White Plastic Chairs
8- 60" Round Tables
1- 6' Banquet Table

We Can only set up a pole tent over Grass/Soft Surface with option to use stakes. 

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:


Space Needed:



  • 20x40 White Pole Tent

    Our 20x40 pole tents can be set up on grass only.

    Price includes professional setup & teardown of tent. Does not include delivery. Delivery is quoted based on your address and other factors, such as distance, ease of access, and time window requirements.


    To Secure our pole tents we stake with stakes.

    Staking Requirements:

    If your tent is being staked, you must call 811 and have all your utilities marked before we will install. You will be required to sign a staking waiver, releasing us from any liability related to staking into underground utilities, lines, pipes or other obstacles. Staking is included in the price, however, if surface is not grass and staking is not possible, you can't use a pole tent, please choose from our free-standing frame tents.

    Maximum Seating: 80 people at 8' banquet tables; 64 people at 60" round tables. Sidewall not included.

  • 100 lb. Propane Tank

    Tank rental comes filled with propane. Our rate is a flat rate and does not change based on how much propane is used.

  • 40,000 BTU Propane Heater

    *requires 20 lb propane tank, sold separately. *Recommended for tent use only

  • Cathedral Sidewall

    $2.50 per Linear Ft

    Example- For a 20' Sidewall= $50

  • Perimeter Mini Lights

  • Solid Sidewall

    $2.00 per Linear Ft

    Example- For a 20' Sidewall= $40

  • 6 ft Rectangular Table

  • 60in Round Table

  • White Folding Chairs

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